Farmers’ Market names list of food vendors

DOWNTOWN — In the mood for some freshly baked bread, handmade salted caramel ice cream or a sip of northern Italian style espresso? Bike, bus or walk to a Farmers’ Market near you and enjoy. All of those delicious treats will be available starting Oct. 1 at one of three markets operated by City Hall, according to a list released... Read more →

Living stress-free means being true to yourself

Dear New Shrink, The idea of having too much free time is hard for me, but I also hate to be overly busy. It’s so hard for me to find a balance; I’m either too bored or too stressed. It’s strange because I wonder why I get so antsy about having nothing to do. But then when I have options of having full-time jobs that will... Read more →

Climbing out of the ‘Rabbit Hole’

In March 2009, a theater company in Malibu mounted a run of David Lindsay-Abaire's play “Rabbit Hole,” which chronicles the effects of the death of a 4-year-old on the rest of his family. While it was a fine production overall, this is what I wrote about it then: “For more than two hours the audience is plunged into this... Read more →

Burger battle rages on

Whenever I write an article claiming one thing is the best, I get a number of e-mails suggesting I try another place. So after my hamburger article I received about six e-mails from PR people suggesting I try their client’s hamburger, and one of those was an invitation to the Daily Grill. That invitation included a lot of information... Read more →

No longer just a watering hole

Sonny McLean’s serves food? That was my initial reaction as I bellied up to the bar for a cold one. The barkeep enthusiastically showed me a menu and pointed to a bunch of cooking trophies behind the bar won by their head chef. A new menu, bigger selection of beers, and a burger claiming to be the best on the Westside are compelling... Read more →

If you build it, jobs will come

Dear New Shrink, I recently graduated from college and have been actively seeking my first real job. I keep hearing that my success will come from networking but I have no idea what to do when I don’t have a network to start with. I feel strange about reaching out to people I do not know and asking them for a job. What should I do?... Read more →

Italian food you won’t find everywhere

A lot of people I know were disappointed when they learned that Chez Mimi, one of the few remaining authentic French restaurants in our area, closed and that another Italian restaurant would open there. As one put it, “who needs another Italian restaurant in this neighborhood?” And yes, there are a lot of them, but it does seem to... Read more →

It’s a family affair at Langer’s

Eating good pastrami in Santa Monica does not involve much more than a quick bike ride up Wilshire Boulevard to Izzy’s or Fromin’s. Both establishments are classic Jewish delis with great family friendly atmospheres, and excellent pastrami. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile (or 13) up Wilshire all the way to... Read more →

Make it your own at Fritto Misto

Only steps away from tourist magnets like the Santa Monica Pier and the remodeled Santa Monica Place, Fritto Misto seems to mostly go unnoticed among the hustle and bustle of summer sightseers. Adjoined to the other small businesses all sharing the same coordinated turquoise awnings, at a casual glance you may think it was just another... Read more →

Smoking out real BBQ

BBQ is a culture like sushi, or Menudo. People will drive hours to find it. It’s a multi-geographic culture. There is Texas BBQ, Memphis BBQ, North Carolina has its own version and is famous for 12-hour cooked pulled pork shoulder, and of course L.A. is full of Korean BBQ restaurants. But there’s a difference between real BBQ... Read more →

Danger beneath the waves

SM PIER — This summer, Santa Monica Beach seems to be holding an unintentional reenactment of the classic horror movie “Jaws,” but minus the Great White shark. One by one, beachgoers are getting picked off by two denizens of the not-so-deep, as a proliferation of jelly fish and stingrays have led to uncommonly high... Read more →

Shakespeare will soon bow out of Santa Monica

REED MEMORIAL PARK — Santa Monica Shakespeare is wrapping up its production of “Much Ado About Nothing,” with four final performances scheduled through the end of the week. The play will take place at Reed Memorial Park on Tournament Tennis Court No. 1 each night at 8 p.m. Bridget Flannery, who channels one of the female... Read more →

Sushi Central offers quality cuts without the attitude

Centrally located on the southeast corner of Overland Avenue and Palms Boulevard in a small, unassuming shopping center, Sushi Central is a real find for any true sushi lover. The owner of this small, unpretentious BYOB (no alcohol sold on premises) establishment is Phillip Yi, a Korean-American who grew up both in Hawaii and Washington. Do... Read more →

A chili day biking in L.A.

Biking and dining the Santa Monica scene can be fun and diverse, but not necessarily ambitious. While the bounty of restaurants in this city could keep a food writer’s plate full for years, the cycling dynamic falls flat in the process. There is only so much one can write about the Main Street bike lane, the hill on Ocean Park... Read more →

Pause before taking the plunge

Dear New Shrink, Several weeks ago you wrote a great article about people who you called “anxiously attached” and tend to be jealous and clingy. You also mentioned an avoidant/detached type, which sounds like it could be my fiancée. I tend to get anxious around him but never thought of myself as anxiously attached. In this... Read more →