Book Review

Local authors explore ambition, abuse, adventure

  Reality bores Pasha Adam, so he writes fiction. But the locally based author, who this month is releasing two novels — “American Asshole” and “Keep Santa Monica Clean” — still uses real locations to bring his characters to life. He mentions the Big Blue Bus system, the construction of the Expo Line and numerous... Read more →

Culture Watch

Movies Worth Your While

I had a profound experience watching the documentary “The True Cost” last week at a Sustainable Works screening at the Aero Theatre. “The True Cost” is about consumerism at its most destructive, the ethics of “fast fashion” that forces people in developing countries to work in unsafe, horrendous conditions for as little as $2 a... Read more →

Play Time

Natalie and the Dysfunctional Writers

At least it’s not about a dysfunctional family.  This time it’s a group of dysfunctional writers who are blocked, burnt out, and distracted. The play is “The Portman Delusions”, which stars Adam Mervis, who also wrote it.  He is a good actor (he plays Roy), whose head appears to be on upside down:  shaved on top and... Read more →


Local square dancing group angling for growth

The auditorium at Marine Park isn’t usually as crowded as it used to be. Santa Monica’s officials square dancing club, the Red Ribbon Squares, has seen its numbers dip in recent years as people have moved away, pursued other interests or given up the hobby to care of their families. And the group now organizes dances just once each... Read more →

Movie Reviews


Rated PG-13 107 Minutes Released September 30th Deepwater Horizon is based on the true story of the devastation caused by the explosion of the oil-drilling rig of that name. In order to better comprehend the chaos you will witness in this film, a brief exposition of some of the facts is necessary. You may remember watching the news... Read more →


Expo Line Tour : The First and/or Final Stops

The last or first three stops of the Expo Line reside in Santa Monica depending on which end you start from. Visitors riding the Expo Line to the very end, finding themselves at the Santa Monica beach while locals are starting here but either way, you can take a day of your weekend and hop onto the Expo to explore the Pier, the food and... Read more →

Culture Watch

It’s all in the timing

On the off-chance you haven’t had enough of election year politics, tonight (Thursday, 9/29) Mike Daisey presents “The Trump Card,” his one-man take on what makes Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump tick. There’s one performance only at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica at 7:30 p.m. this evening. Daisey, a master... Read more →

Community Profiles

Book seeks to capture millennials’ essence

Throughout her daily life, Traci Propst observes and interacts with what seems to be a strange subset of creatures. These so-called millennials have immersed themselves in a technologically driven society but are old enough to remember life without smartphones. Indeed, before texting was popular, they communicated during school classes by... Read more →


WWII B-17 panel in Santa Monica

A Santa Monica resident is helping a piece of history travel cross-country as a moving tribute to a group of WWII pilots, including his father. Santa Monica resident Christopher Wilkinson is not a veteran but his father, who died in 1994, flew in the 384th Bomb Group during WWII. Wilkinson wanted to give back to the men who served the... Read more →

Movie Reviews


  Not Rated – Documentary 77 Minutes Released September 16 Now playing at Laemmle’s Santa Monica Film Center Silicon Cowboys is a sophisticated documentary directed by Jason Cohen, his second full-length documentary. From the beginning of the film there is a sense that the filmmakers are personally invested in the story.... Read more →

Movie Reviews


Rated PG-13 132 Minutes Released September 23 The Magnificent Seven is a war movie. The war is about greed. This theme strikes home in our current sociological and political climate even though this story is set in the period following the end of the Civil War. The collateral damage caused by that war was an undercurrent of our... Read more →


Rustic Canyon celebrates 10 years with 6 course meal

The Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen is a restaurant that transports you from the streets of Santa Monica to a familial atmosphere. It is a vision of owner Josh Loeb, whose passion and love for food helped create this bistro. Loeb recalls the first night Rustic Canyon opened in 2006, feeling anxious, excited and nervous. Now... Read more →