An Evening with A Happy Family

  by Cynthia Citron The play “Somewhere in the Middle” is about three generations of a family living together somewhere in the Midwest. For once, they are not a dysfunctional family, a subject that many playwrights these days tend to focus on. This family is an affectionate, intelligent, funny, and reasonably harmonious... Read more →



FILM REVIEW GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Rated PG 107 Minutes Released October 6 Goodbye Christopher Robin is the story of the creation of the Winnie the Pooh stories written by A.A. Milne, based on the fantasy life his son Christopher Robin had created around his stuffed animals in their remote country home. This is not a simply... Read more →



OUR EAST COAST TRIP By Merv Hecht We've just come back from two weeks in Manhattan and Washington DC. What an experience! It certainly is different than Santa Monica, and here are some of the differences: 1.  In Santa Monica we keep our trash in big cans from which it is picked up once a week. In Manhattan everybody puts the trash on... Read more →

Culture Watch


CULTURE WATCH By Sarah A. Spitz Michael’s: Timeless and Contemporary Michael’s Restaurant has achieved the nearly impossible: after 38 years, it’s still a trendsetter, without the pitfalls of hipster trendiness. In Los Angeles restaurant years, this is practically an eternity. If you’re a fan of red banquettes and martinis... Read more →


Expo art to expand with new sculpture along 4th Street

Expo art to expand with new sculpture along 4th Street MATTHEW HALL Daily Press Editor Given the title of a new sculpture coming to Downtown Santa Monica and its placement at the Expo station, you might think the artist was inspired by the realities of driving a car through the city but the work is actually a reference to Santa... Read more →


Great ShakeOut rolls through town Thursday

Great ShakeOut rolls through town Thursday Matthew Hall Daily Press Editor Several Santa Monica institutions are preparing to participate in the Great California ShakeOut this Thursday, Oct. 19, at 10:19 a.m. The statewide event is an opportunity to practice how to stay safer when the ground shakes and develop plans or procedures... Read more →


Our City, The World – Explained

Our City, The World - Explained By CHARLES ANDREWS WHY NOT? Why not try? Humans are naturally driven to make sense of things. And even when their conclusions are incomplete or even wrong, it seems to help. When you’re in the middle of a raging inferno, or a fierce hurricane or tornado, or the earth is shaking under your feet,... Read more →


American Film Market Is Coming

What’s the Point? American Film Market Is Coming Fall is officially here. Halloween is right around the corner, the Ice rink is being built downtown as I write this, and there are Christmas decorations for sale in the stores already. However, there’s another big event coming to town that we need to remember and prepare for –... Read more →


AFSP Out of Darkness Community Walk

AFSP Out of Darkness Community Walk Editor: As National Suicide Prevention month comes to a close, I want to reflect on how far we have come as a community to fight the stigma and take meaningful steps to end suicide. Advocates, researchers, and policy makers have made it a priority to bring the discussion of suicide and mental... Read more →


Bicyclist killed on PCH

Bicyclist killed on PCH Kate Cagle Daily Press Staff Writer A bicyclist was hit and killed by a car Sunday night on the Pacific Coast Highway near the Annenberg Community Beach House, according to the Santa Monica Police Department. At about 7 p.m. officers responded to reports of a traffic crash involving a bicyclist at the 200... Read more →

Laughing Matters

Snide World of Sports

Snide World of Sports Jack Neworth Is 29 the Charm? Given many of us get our information in 140 characters, some say we're living in an era of instant gratification. I mention it because some might have forgotten that last year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a 108 year drought. (They hadn't even been to a World Series... Read more →


Chief Johnnie Adams Kilts It For Breast Cancer

Chief Johnnie Adams Kilts It For Breast Cancer Jos Cashon Corsair/Daily Press Staff writer The mood is jovial and the crowd is large and lively at Santa Monica College Police Department’s Taco Tuesday breast cancer fundraiser, but one element stands out above all the festivities: Chief of Police Johnnie Adams standing proudly in a... Read more →


27th Annual 5K Hunger Walk

27th Annual 5K Hunger Walk This event is free to all participants and there's no fundraising minimum, but we encourage you to raise funds to help feed hungry families. Every dollar raised provides enough food for four nutritious meals! This year's event will feature an After Party sponsored by Banc of California and hosted by Perry's... Read more →


A Dodger House Divided

Laughing Matters A Dodger House Divided Despite the title, this is not going to be a sports column. Rather, it's about a significant event in L.A. history and how, in my early teens, it caused a rift between my father and me. The “event” was the Brooklyn Dodgers moving here in 1958, which turned Los Angeles from a minor to a... Read more →


They Put Faces on Places

They Put Faces on Places By Cynthia Citron She is a little dumpling of a woman, 88 years old, with a cap of snow-white hair bordered by a heavy fringe of orange hair that hangs all around her head like a silken scarf. He is a lanky 33 year old with a mustache, a permanently placed hat and a pair of dark glasses that he never... Read more →