After The Bell

Taxes won’t change much for most

A hot topic of conversation at the moment is whether or not it will make any difference to either the economy, or to our taxes, if one or the other candidate becomes president. As to the economy, I think it takes about five years for actions by the president to have a significant effect on the economy. When President Bush spent a trillion... Read more →


District partners with Samohi grads to rent venues

SMMUSD — The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is partnering with a start-up company founded by two Santa Monica High School graduates to rent out auditoriums and other spaces and bring in new revenue to the district. The district agreed to list 12 spaces across eight different schools and facilities on, a new... Read more →


No AIDS Walk Los Angeles ads on BBB in 2012

CITY HALL —  A United States District Court Judge sided with City Hall Wednesday and refused to grant a motion that would have allowed noncommercial advertisements to run on the sides of the Big Blue Bus as a lawsuit on the matter continues. Judge R. Gary Klausner denied a temporary restraining order that would have put a long-standing... Read more →



Pedicab company wants to roll in Santa Monica

JUST RIDE: A pedicab operator pedals along the San Diego coast. A business wants to set up a similar operation in Santa Monica. (Photo by Abe Wischnia/WordPress) DOWNTOWN — Those who are familiar with Santa Monica’s streets know that at certain times of the day it can be frustrating to get from point A to point B. Now consider... Read more →


Letts talks housing, the future of Santa Monica

Sarah Letts (right) with Shardae Williams (Photo by Ashley Archibald) DOWNTOWN — The Community Corporation of Santa Monica celebrated its 30th birthday in September, and like many people hitting the big 3-0, its leadership is being forced to take a long look at its future. CCSM, Santa Monica’s largest affordable housing provider,... Read more →



Fresh & Easy pulls a fast one

MID-CITY —  Residents of Santa Monica’s Mid-City neighborhood were surprised last week to find that a grocery store proposed on the eastern end of Wilshire Boulevard had been redesigned to preclude the need for public hearings, preventing any opportunity to get their concerns about traffic and parking addressed by public... Read more →


Brentwood Art Center re-opens

Brentwood Art Center (Photo by Ashley Archibald) NOMA — An art school on the verge of closure just a month ago opened its doors Monday for a successful first day of class, according to a member of its board. The Brentwood Art Center almost folded in August when its owner of seven years, Sarkis Melkonian, sent out an e-mail to... Read more →