Grasping a future dominated by drones

Growing up in Santa Monica, Ben Marcus dreamed about a world in which futuristic robots zipped through the air en masse. Now he’s busy bringing that future closer to the present. Marcus is the co-founder of AirMap, a locally based company whose software informs drone operators about the airspace in their vicinity to improve user... Read more →


Former businesses deemed delinquent on taxes

  Four businesses that are no longer operating in Santa Monica owe more than $3.1 million combined in taxes to the state. A former car dealership, two owners of the same restaurant space and an automotive service shop are considered delinquent by the state Board of Equalization even though they’re out of business. The local... Read more →


City looks to extend tourism fees

City Council took preliminary steps last week to extend and increase fees paid by hotel guests to fund ongoing tourism and marketing efforts. Local hotels pay a self-imposed assessment that contributes to the operations at Santa Monica Travel and Tourism, a nonprofit agency that promotes Santa Monica as a travel destination worldwide. The... Read more →


Santa Monica ad agency RPA approaching milestone

Thirty years ago, the employees at Rubin Postaer and Associates weren’t worried about developing a social media campaign for a client or figuring out how to build a company’s presence through a smartphone app. But potential consumers have dispersed to more places than perhaps ever before, pushing the Santa Monica-based firm to adapt... Read more →


Santa Monica studio owner stretches her yoga universe

  The two women had been Ally Hamilton’s yoga students for years, but she had never met them. They live in Norway and access her guidance online, where she uploads several new studio sessions each week. But on a recent trip to Santa Monica, they decided to attend a class in the space they have come to know well from... Read more →

Non Profits

Pico Boulevard transformed into mural mecca

Strewn garbage and graffiti-covered walls are commonly found in neglected areas of town. And as far as Beautify Earth is concerned, those ills are invitations for more blight. “If you have an area that has trash or has an ugly wall that keeps getting tagged, it gives off the impression that the people who live there or the people who own... Read more →


Amid uncertainty, restaurant celebrates anniversary

By Lea Yamashiro Daily Press Intern Significant, history-packed landmarks are hard to find in a modern, constantly growing city. However, there exist some locations that indeed hold significant historic meaning; often, they take can take customers back in time and help trace the city's evolution. Spitfire Grill, located at the Santa... Read more →


Fence gives rise to controversy at 5th/Arizona site

If good fences make good neighbors, then questionable fences apparently create 4-hour City Council hearings. City Council on Tuesday heard an appeal of the proposal to reoccupy the former post office building at the corner of 5th Street and Arizona Avenue. However, the vast majority of the hearing focused on how a fence around the property... Read more →


Santa Monica realtor puts marketing in motion

Real estate agents seem to have several standard modes of advertising: headshots and phone numbers plastered on bus benches, logo-printed notepads and pens dropped on doorsteps, branded household items handed out at community events. Damon Kronsberg uses a different vehicle to get his name out — namely, a vehicle. The longtime Santa... Read more →


Edmunds puts new spin on old digs for 50th anniversary

Rotating above the reception area at the new, souped-up Edmunds headquarters in Santa Monica are two Chevrolet Corvette sports cars, one from 1966 and one recently purchased 2016 edition. They’re the shining centerpieces of the car information and shopping network’s fully renovated, 143,000-square-foot offices at the Colorado Center,... Read more →


Caffe Luxxe celebrates 10 years in Santa Monica

By Lea Yamashiro Daily Press Intern On Montana Avenue, businesses come and go quickly due to the expensive and competitive fight for the spotlight in this center of high-end demand. Caffe Luxxe, however, has managed to comfortably survive 10 years in the industry, while keeping firm to their initial principles and international... Read more →


4 Santa Monica businesses that have stood the test of time

By Emanuela Boisbouvier Daily Press Intern The City of Santa Monica has gone through many alterations since its founding in the late 1800s. Street names have changed, and buildings have been built. While numerous companies have disappeared through the years, some businesses have survived and have become landmarks and key parts of the city... Read more →


Santa Monica restaurants wanted for charity fundraiser

By Roberto Luna Jr. Daily Press Intern Santa Monica residents and visitors will be able enjoy a meal while contributing to local charity at select restaurants throughout the city on Oct. 15. Prix Fixe Consulting firm is organizing its inaugural Eat2Give event, a day when Santa Monica businesses will donate a percentage of their sales to a... Read more →