Council to consider extending private beach leases

THE BEACH - City Council is considering changes to a lease agreement with a private beach club that could result in an increase of about $330,000 per year paid to Santa Monica. When the Beach Club first leased sand from City Hall in 1990 they were paying about two cents per square foot annually. This time around, with City Council's... Read more →


Faces of Silicon Beach: Chris Brereton

Chris Brereton Erik Huberman: E: What made you decide to be an entrepreneur? What about your childhood, your upbringing, anything? • Chris Brereton: I’ve always been just sort of independent anyway and, oh, I grew up playing in a rock and roll band as the lead singer and basically managed the band and learned a lot about business... Read more →



Renters could pay less, landlords more

CITY HALL - City Council will consider green-lighting a ballot measure that would allow the Rent Control Board to increase costs for landlords and decrease fees for renters. If approved by council and then by voters in November, registration fees for rent-controlled apartments could shoot up to $288 per unit annually, from $175 last year.... Read more →



Planning Commission to consider Fred Segal plot

City Hall — Just weeks after the Planning Commission considered developments on plots of land previously occupied by Norms and currently occupied by Denny's, they'll take a look at a seven-story development slated for the land where Fred Segal sits. The applicant, DK Broadway LLC, hopes to knock down the building that was for years filled... Read more →



Faces of Silicon Beach: Adam Koral

Adam Koral Erik Huberman: So to start just tell us about what got you to be an entrepreneur? What was your inspiration to go and do your own thing? • Adam Koral: Alright well the inspiration to become an entrepreneur basically because I really didn’t know …. I knew what I was good at. My skill set was having people enjoy... Read more →


MINI dealership on the table Tuesday

CITY HALL — City Council will consider approving a MINI dealership on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard at 14th Street. The 33,400-square-foot, 35-foot-tall building would replace a vacant lot that was once a gas station. The dealership would also include a 500-square-foot café, 21 services bays, 6,000 square feet of sales floor... Read more →


Local architects win additional awards

In the wake of winning the top award for the Ace Hotel in the hospitality category of the Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards earlier this month, Santa Monica-based Killefer Flammang Architects (KFA) garnered five more awards at the recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference. This time, the Ace Hotel snagged a Grand Award in... Read more →