Patti Davis, Santa Monica-based author and daughter of President Ronald Reagan, has released a new young-adult-fiction book titled “The Blue Hour.”

Filled with pages on ghosts and time travel, “The Blue Hour” primarily concerns a 10-year-old boy‚Äôs struggle to overcome bullying and social rejection.

“He just doesn‚Äôt feel like he fits in,” said Davis, who found inspiration for her protagonist in her own childhood experiences. “I was that kid ‚Äî chubby, nearsighted in the corner of the playground reading a book because other kids didn‚Äôt choose me for their teams or play with me. I lived in this world of stories.”

“The Blue Hour” is the author‚Äôs 10th book, but only the second in a “new life” of self-publishing. No longer confined by publishers to writing memoirs and stories about her father, Davis is finally able to enjoy what it‚Äôs like to be an independent author, not just a president‚Äôs daughter.

“It has given me an opportunity to have some control of what I publish, when I publish, [and] how I promote it,” Davis said. “With my last novel, it was the first time ‚Ķ that I got to do interviews about my book instead of my life. It was so refreshing.”

“The Blue Hour” has been published in both physical and electronic formats, and is available on the online retailer

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