LINCOLN BLVD — The Boys &; Girls Club of Santa Monica is in search of a new president and CEO.
Aaron Young, who took the reigns of the club four years ago, officially stepped down three weeks ago, according to Phil Brock, a member of the club’s Council.
Young, who Brock says is out of the country with his family, could not be reached for comment.
Paul Gaulke, chairman of the club’s Board of Governors, would not get into the specifics of the change.
“Things happen and I love Aaron. He’s a great guy,” Gaulke said. “He’s got to do what he’s got to do.”
The board has initiated a national search for a new executive director, he said.
In the meantime Aaron Young’s father, Allan Young, is lending his support to keep the organization on the right track.
Allan Young, Brock said, is an institution at the club. He’s been with the organization since the 1960s, Brock said, and made it what it is today. Allan Young was the president and CEO of the club for many years.
The Boys &; Girls Club of Santa Monica currently has 11 branches — nine in the city, one in Los Angeles, and one in Culver City.
In 2012, the organization brought in $3.1 million according to the most recently available public documents. In 2012, Young made $177,000 and received another $30,714 in other compensation, according to the documents.
At least one member of the board is stepping down, Gaulke said, but it was a personal decision had nothing to do with Young.
Several other board members declined to comment for this article.
“It’s a privacy thing. It’s his thing,” Gaulke said of Young. “He’s come on and he’s done a great job.”

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