LADY POWER: Artist Brooke Harker's 'Hong Kong Love.' Her work, and that of other female artists, will be on display at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery as part of the Women Rock exhibit.

LADY POWER: Artist Brooke Harker’s ‘Hong Kong Love.’ Her work, and that of other female artists, will be on display at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery as part of the Women Rock exhibit.

OCEAN AVE — Brooke Harker is an articulate artist with much to say. She is fascinated by her surroundings — buildings, bustling cities — but most of all she is affected by the people around her.

This Saturday, Harker‚Äôs work will be featured as part of a group show titled “Women Rock” at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery.

Madsen organized the all-women show to support women in the arts. It started as a theme, but soon grew into an awareness event in conjunction with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Women Leaders, Santa Monica Jaycees, and Soroptimist. The concept of the show celebrates women empowering women.

“I resonated with how Jeanie recognizes and promotes positive messages and intentions in art,” she said. “As I believe in sharing joyful energy in the creation of making paintings, I felt at home with Jeanie‚Äôs perspective and the way she welcomed my paintings with a delightful sincerity.”

Like most women, Harker treasures her girlfriends and is looking forward to meeting the rest of the female artists.

“I appreciate any forum that helps people connect with each other,” Harker said. “I believe in a sisterhood among women. I respect and love other women even if I don‚Äôt know them because they are part of this sisterhood. I know that not all women believe in this sisterhood, but I still believe and know enough women who do. It seems like this exhibit honors that sisterhood.”

She recently showed her work in the Beverly Hills artSHOW. At previous events she has forged strong friendships with random art lovers who purchased her work at the event or soon afterward.

“It‚Äôs interesting to hear what viewers say about my paintings, as it is ultimately their experience that gives a piece of art more of a voice,” she said. “Anything becomes more beautiful when it is received that way.”

Harker has made some important business connections at these events, often receiving commissions, some well into the future.

Harker, like most artists, has her own vision of the work and why she created it, yet she allows the viewers to see their own perspective.

“I‚Äôve heard people say they felt the movement in the paintings. Another woman was sure that I must listen to music while working as she felt like the paintings were musical. I do often dance while painting, but the only music is usually in my head,” Harker said with a laugh.

Harker’s work was most recently featured at the Santa Monica Art Studios, DDR Gallery in Santa Monica and the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art.

The opening reception for “Women Rock” will be held at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery on Saturday, Nov. 16 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Artists participating in the show include Helena Gullstrom, Tamara Leigh, Lauren Szabo, Jennifer Verge and Robyn Horton. The exhibition will remain on view through Dec. 31.

The Jeanie Madsen Gallery is located at 1431 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. If you would like to attend the opening, RSVP to the gallery at


— Patty Tedesco

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