On March 8, 2018, at about 3:48

Officers responded to a radio call for service at the Santa Monica Pier regarding an assault with a deadly weapon involving a male subject hitting a victim with a stick.  Officers observed the subject as he was attempting to flee the area.   The subject was detained for an investigation.  Officers learned the victim was with his family including several children near the food court when the suspect approached and began cursing.  The victim asked the subject to leave and to refrain from cursing around his family.  The subject became agitated and walked up closer and became louder and yelled obscenities at the family.   The victim was fearful the subject was going to harm his family and grabbed the subject by the shoulders and pushed him to the ground.  The subject stood up and grabbed a metal pipe and swung it at the victim multiple times stating he was going to kill the victim.  The victim was able to back away and avoid being struck.  The victim was able to identify the subject being detained.  The subject was taken into custody.  The suspect known, as “Burchett” was booked for assault with a deadly weapon; his bail is $50,000.00

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